Architecture + Design

The architecture at Tsawwassen Springs draws from the heft and craftsmanship of Greene & Greene, architect brothers who settled in Pasadena, California, and who helped to pioneer the American Arts & Crafts style in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It’s a style that is ideally suited to modern West Coast living.

Featuring great overhanging eaves, easy transitions from indoor to outdoor spaces, massive timber beams and handicraft details, Arts & Crafts is inspired by nature and traditional construction techniques. Architect Wayne Fougere has interpreted the timeless elements of the Arts & Crafts style made famous at Torrey Pines Golf Club, and interior designer Martie Knockaert has taken the Arts & Crafts passion for nature as inspiration for her interior colour palette.

The architectural statement at Tsawwassen Springs is very much ‘built to last’.

From the outside, the most striking feature of the condominium buildings is the size of the decks-outdoor spaces of the condos at Tsawwassen Springs are far larger than most. As a bonus, decks come with built-in natural gas hookups for barbecues, and even hookups for outdoor gas heaters.

Indoor and outdoor spaces flow seamlessly, as every home at Tsawwassen Springs features a Great Room with ample openings to the adjacent outdoor spaces. Here, you live both inside and outside, maximizing the enjoyment of the better weather, spectacular views and resort setting.

Every home at Tsawwassen Springs, regardless of size, features single‐level living with a spacious master bedroom and ensuite. Condos feature ceiling heights of 9 feet, and houses an even more impressive 10 feet. With oversized windows throughout, all homes at Tsawwassen Springs enjoy an abundance of natural light.

Timeless design, colours and materials in every room.

The Arts & Crafts theme is echoed in the interior design, with four natural colour palettes by Martie Knockaert of Different Designs Group. The organic beauty of granite, wood and wool are ever present.

Artful simplicity is the key, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. Ensuites feature the unadorned quality of a luxury spa-all Houses and many Condos feature a free‐standing bathtub and oversized shower. In the kitchen, wood cabinetry and high quality stainless steel appliances will never go out of style.