November 25, 2021

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Pat Quinn's Restaurant & Bar


Christmas Gift Card Promotion

Purchase a $100 gift card to Pat Quinn’s Restaurant & Bar & Tsawwassen Springs and receive a $20 voucher for Pat Quinn’s Restaurant & Bar. Promotion runs December 1st to December 24th. Please take note that this promotion is only available to for in-house purchases.

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Tsawwassen Wellness Centre


TWC Pilates

Move Better. Play Better.
Pilates: A well-balanced workout for a well-balanced life.
With its emphasis on mindful, positive movement, Pilates makes for a uniquely powerful foundational fitness regime for anyone looking to complement an already active lifestyle. Pilates is not a replacement for your sport of choice or the other physical activities you enjoy but more of an enhancement to your already active lifestyle.

Pilates can play a crucial role in your fitness routine, and anyone from the professional athlete to the casual exerciser can benefit from regular practice. Not merely physical but also mental, Pilates reinforces the mind/body connection through positive, deliberate movement with an emphasis on body awareness. Pilates’ physical benefits include an increase in strength, mobility, flexibility, pain reduction, and injury prevention; mental benefits include an increase in confidence, mood improvement, and stress reduction.

As you get older, having a solid fitness foundation becomes increasingly vital if you’re to thoroughly enjoy not only an active life but also life in general. Pilates encourages you to go all out, making it easier for you to embrace your passions, whatever they may be, and for however long they make you happy.

CHOOSE YOUR PATH – Give the Gift of Health and Fitness. Gift Certificates available.

New or returning to exercise; Weekend Warriors. Start here.
• 4 one on one Pilates sessions
• Posture & Functional Assessment
ONLY $239 (save $101)

Injuries, deconditioned, pain, anxiety, depression. Start here.
• 5 one on one sessions
• Hands on techniques for lymphatic, blood flow, trigger point body work, fascial therapy
• Breathwork, Vagus Nerve resets
• Movement

ONLY $475
Questions? Book a complimentary Consultation.
L39ave $101)
604.943.8823 or
email [email protected]

Click here for details on our Jumpstart Program:

#120—5133 Springs Blvd, Tsawwassen Springs Community

October 25, 2021

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2022/2023 Springs Card

Our new Springs Cards will be on sale as of November 1, 2021!! Pay $99 to receive preferred pricing on green fees all year and receive $59 preloaded on your card plus as a special treat; we’ll include a $50 voucher to use for merchandise in the Pro Shop.

October 22, 2021

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Poppy Fund

Join us at Tsawwassen Springs and come out and play a round of golf to support a wonderful cause. For every green fee we receive onWednesday, November 10th & Thursday, November 11th we will contribute $10.00 towards the Poppy Fund.

 Your poppy donations at work:

For years, you’ve generously donated and proudly wore your poppies to show you remember. Did you ever wonder where the money goes? Although the annual poppy campaign only lasts for a couple of weeks each fall, poppy funds are hard at work all year long.

Here are a few examples of your poppy donations at work:

  • Assisting any person (and their dependents) who is serving (or who has honourably served) in the Canadian Forces and are in need of assistance.
  • Legion Veterans Transition Program (at UBC): a relief & recovery program for trauma-related stress from military service.
  • Housing for homeless veterans, such as Cockrell House in Victoria
  • Disaster relief when declared by governments.
  • George Derby Veterans Home
  • Community medical equipment and research
  • Meals-on-wheels

We look forward to seeing you on the course!


September 21, 2021

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Aeration of the Golf Course | October 12 & 13

Tsawwassen Springs will be aerating after Thanksgiving weekend, but we will be in prime condition until then. We will be closing Tuesday, October 12th and Wednesday, October 13th, re-opening at 9am on Thursday October 14th.

The word aeration stimulates negative emotions for many golfers. It may come as a surprise, but golf course superintendents also dislike aeration. After all, the last person who wants to disrupt the smoothness of the putting greens they work so hard to maintain is the superintendent.  Golfers often ask, “Why is aeration needed?” Aeration is an essential program to keep playing surfaces healthy and in good condition. Aeration primarily is performed to control organic matter – i.e., decaying roots and grass stems – relieve soil compaction, stimulate root growth and improve drainage. If organic matter becomes too thick, it acts like a sponge and holds water at the surface after rain or irrigation. Excessive organic matter also inhibits root growth, reduces oxygen levels in the soil, encourages disease and eventually can lead to turf failure. Furthermore, excessive organic matter creates soft surfaces prone to ball marks, foot printing and inconsistent playing conditions. Aeration and topdressing are the most effective ways to control organic matter and maintain smooth, firm putting surfaces.

All that being said we hope that you understand this necessary measure, we will be providing the following rates until the greens are back up to our standards (usually 10 days).  October 14th– 22nd, weekday $30 all day / weekend $37, after 1pm $30.

In addition, our Driving range will be closed October 12th & 13th for maintenance work.

August 18, 2021

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Sungod Physio


BC Thanksgiving Food Drive

The BC Thanksgiving Food Drive to benefit Food Banks of BC organized by Travis Wolsey of Sungod Sports & Orthopaedic Physiotherapy is coming up. Donations are accepted from Monday, September 20 through Saturday, September 25 at 12pm, there will be a drop off box in the Tsawwassen Springs clubhouse lobby for anyone who wants to help contribute to this years Food Drive. Donations will be delivered directly to the South Delta Food Bank on the Saturday afternoon.


July 26, 2021

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August Junior Golf Camps

Tsawwassen Springs Golf is excited to be offering Junior Golf Camps this summer. Kids will learn the basic golf fundamentals through games and drills.
August 2nd – 6th
August 9th – 13th
August 16th – 20th
August 23rd – 27th
Time: 1PM – 4PM
Ages: 8 – 12 years old
Cost: $279 plus taxes
Reserve your spot: email [email protected]

June 21, 2021

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Construction Updates


Construction Update | July 2021

The last phase of houses are complete. The last two large homes in Tsawwassen Springs have been turned over. These two homes have different colour schemes and were beautifully put together by the very talented, Martie Knockaert from DDG. The design has clean lines, and allowed good size storage spaces, such as touch latch cabinets, and crawl spaces. From the high ceiling entrance to the entertainment space, there is natural light throughout.

This project took over 10 years to build, and we thank everyone who took part in shaping this community.

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Tsawwassen Wellness Centre


TWC Pilates | July 2021

TWC Pilates at Tsawwassen Springs Clubhouse

Serving South Delta since 2001.

 We give you our best so you can give life your best.



Signs and Symptoms:
– Pain – any kind of pain
– chronic pain, chronic fatigue
– Poor sleep
– Inability to lose weight
– Brain fog
– Adrenal exhaustion
– Slow recovery /training plateau
– Easy bruising
– Delayed onset allergies
– Red eyes/gray eyes
– Achy body, painful on touch or with light pressure
– Swelling/puffiness/edema

Blood flow, digestion, sleep, fascia, muscle, gut health, emotions – if one system isn’t healthy, it will affect another system.  No system works alone.


  1. Get your systems working TOGETHER. We release restrictions in your Lymphatic system, blood flow and connective tissue.
  2. Reset the 4 key areas of restriction
  3. Diaphragm activation through breathwork and gentle movement. This help reduce inflammation, increase fluid flow and support healing.
  4. Stability and Primal Movements to bring stability and grounding to your body.



  1. Assessment – history and symptomatic intake.
  2. Assessment & treatment of Lymphatic Nodes to assess pain points.
  3. Assessment & treatment of Blood flow and circulation.
  4. Breathwork & reset of Vagus nerve – through breathwork and gentle movement
  5. Hands on therapy – may include fascial therapy, trigger point bodywork, MELT
  6. Movement – may include fascial movement, MELT method, Pilates.


Suggested is 2-5 sessions.  You will be given body resets to do daily at home.  This is critical to your results. Sessions are 1 hour.  Cost: $99/session or $475 for 5 sessions (save $20).


To book: [email protected] or call 604.-943-8823.


All new clients begin with our JumpStart Program, where we’ll pair you with one of our expert instructors and schedule you four one-on-one sessions over two weeks. These sessions are highly personalized and will help us get to know one another. To provide you with the best fitness plan moving forward, we need to find out where you stand today, so your first session will include an assessment, where we’ll do a posture, function, pain, and body composition evaluation. We will also assess your abilities and discuss your needs, health concerns, and fitness goals.


Your JumpStart™ Package includes:

  • A posture, function, pain, and body composition assessment
  • Three private Pilates sessions
  • One private CoreAlign session


Sign up today for only $239 (a savings of $101).

Click here for details on our Jumpstart Program:

 Register or for more information: 604.943.8823 or [email protected]

#120—5133 Springs Blvd, Tsawwassen Springs Community


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Tsawwassen Springs Fitness


Tsawwassen Springs Fitness | July 2021

Join now and receive the SUMMER FOR FREE.

At Tsawwassen Springs Fitness we are committed to help getting you back on track.  This past year has been exceptionally challenging for everyone.  We have taken your safety to the next level.  With personal barriers throughout the club, regular scheduled cleaning, additional air ventilation and so much more we feel that there is no better time to get started.  As an extra incentive we are offering you the summer for free*.  We know that most people will want to enjoy the spectacular BC summers for their cardio routines but let us help you with your weight bearing exercises.

Not sure what time works best for you – we have you covered.  We are open 24hours 7days a week.  Call now to get started.  604 948-1101.

We look forward to meeting you!!!

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