Geoexchange System for the Condos: Nature's Cool Furnace

How does Geoexchange work for the Condos?

Geoexchange takes advantage of a surprising fact: the earth just beneath our feet is considerably warmer than the air in winter and cooler in summer. Geoexchange systems use this solar heat stored in the earth—a renewable source of energy—to provide heating and cooling.  And FortisBC designs, owns and operates these environmentally friendly systems. Here’s how geoexchange works:

1. Pipes are buried 200-400 feet below the ground, close to buildings. Inside the pipes, water glycol is constantly circulating. This is called the loop field system.

2. Heat from the earth is absorbed by the liquid and the system transports the heat to the building.

3. Heat pumps then distribute the heat to individual suites during colder months.

4. In summer, the process is reversed. The pumps carry heat away from each suite, effectively cooling homes.

5. Geoexchange systems can be backed up by reliable natural gas as needed.

Natural gas is also featured throughout Tsawwassen Springs with gas ranges in kitchens and piping to patios for barbecues and heaters. Individual gas meters in each suite allow homeowners to manage their own energy usage and costs.

The Geoexchange Advantage

Renewable energy and reliable technology—backed by natural gas—make perfect sense when you consider the advantages.

  • A big boost for the environment, geoexchange helps reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Highly efficient geoexchange can help owners reduce their conventional energy usage.
  • Owned and operated by FortisBC, a geoexchange system means homeowners receive high standard of reliable customer service and energy supply.

About FortisBC

Committed to British Columbia’s energy needs, FortisBC provides safe, reliable and innovative energy solutions. The companies that make up FortisBC deliver more energy than any other utility in the province, approximately 21 per cent of the total energy consumed in BC.

FortisBC employs more than 2,000 people and serves more than 1.1 million customers in 135 communities. In addition to natural gas, electricity and piped propane, FortisBC develops and designs renewable energy solutions, including district energy and geoexchange, for today and tomorrow.

FortisBC’s stable operating and maintenance rates for geoexchange also provide strata corporations and building owners—of developments like Tsawwassen Springs—with a degree of insulation from energy price volatility.

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