Construction Update

Over at 5011 Springs Boulevard, we have begun tiling bathroom floors on the first floor in the west wing, and the first set of cabinets are also just going in! On first floor east, we have begun the finish carpentry for baseboards and door casings. There is much activity happening throughout the upper floors, including drywall boarding, sprinkler systems going in, interior framing, plumbing, and exterior framing in progress. Please see below for progress photos!


We’ve received windows up to the fourth floor.


The cabinets for this suite have arrived and will be installed within a week’s time. The painting for these interior walls are near done, only the coat of final paint left.


Another busy suite with painter’s equipment lined up to go.


April’s weather has mainly been clouds…but a beautiful view nonetheless on this upper floor with rough in plumbing in progress.


Cabinets unpacked and ready to be installed in this busy suite.


Working on the first suite in the building to receive their kitchen cabinets in the Walnut colour scheme!




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