Tsawwassen Springs Fitness


We Welcome Everyone!!

Created with YOUR Goals in mind!

We want you to feel comfortable in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Everyone has different goals when they start but the bottomline is that we all want results. We have the resources, trainers and coaches to make this possible. Results are what keeps our members coming back.

  • Lose weight and you will feel better about how you look and feel
  • Increase strength to burn more calories every hour
  • More energy to keep up with day to day life!
  • Stamina to get through the day
  • Flexibility so you can continue to move freely as you age
  • Feel younger
  • Live longer – weight loss and exercise increases life expectancy and more importantly, how you enjoy the later years
  • Tone up so you can see those muscles again!

Call today for a free complimentary pass.  604 948-1101

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