Tsawwassen Springs Golf | Update May 7, 2020

Update for Tsawwassen Springs Golf Course, May 7th, 2020.

Driving Range:  Our Phase One reopening of the driving range begins Monday, May 11th with certain restrictions in place:

  • It will be open from 11am-7pm, the last opportunity to get balls from the range servant is at 6:30pm, doors close at 7pm.
  • We have separated our mats to a distance to allow for plenty of room to social distance.
  • If all the stalls are full, we have set up a social distancing line starting just outside the entrance to the driving range.
  • We will only be selling range passes in the form of a card loaded with loyalty points with the options below (this is the best value as well), we will not be selling individual buckets on paper slips as we have done in the past, this is in an effort to keep as few people from having to enter the line up into the Pro Shop as the golf course is extremely busy.  You may also use your Springs Card or Homeowners Card with pre-loaded funds directly at the range servant.

You can purchase a pre-loaded range pass from the Pro Shop, comes in the form of points, only good for range balls, here are the 4 options we offer (taxes included):

600 balls – $65.95   .11 per ball  (savings of $4.05)

1500 balls – $149.95   .10 per ball  (savings of $25.05)

3000 balls – $269.95   .09 per ball  (savings of $80.05)

6000 balls – $509.95   .08 per ball  (savings of $190.05) 

  • Once you have a stall, please grab a basket from beside the range servant, and use the provided wooden stick to pick your option on the touch screen and discard, please leave immediately after you are done and place you basket in the “USED BASKETS” bin.Power carts:  Our Phase One reopening of the rental of power carts beginning Monday, May 11th in a limited fashion:
  • We will only be renting power carts to those who require it for medical reasons to ensure everyone has the ability to play our golf course
  • They will be rented ONLY as a single rider for $18 tax in, at no point during the round can a second person occupy the power cart
  • We will not be renting any power carts after 4pm
  • All of our power carts will be fully sanitized after every round



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