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In only four sessions, you’ll move better, feel better, and look better. JumpStart your way to a happier and healthier you today.

“If you aren’t assessing, then you’re guessing.” – Linda Mallard, TWC Pilates

All new clients begin with our JumpStart™ Program, where we’ll pair you with one of our expert instructors and schedule you four one-on-one sessions over two weeks. These sessions are highly personalized and will help us get to know one another. To provide you with the best fitness plan moving forward, we need to find out where you stand today, so your first session will include an assessment, where we’ll do a posture, function, pain, and body composition evaluation. We will also assess your abilities and discuss your needs, health concerns, and fitness goals.

Our JumpStart™ Program is a powerful process and helps both you and your instructor discover the best path to achieving your health and fitness goals. Three of your sessions will focus on Pilates, the mind-body exercise that centers on positive movement to strengthen and tone your body. One session will introduce you to the fundamental movements of CoreAlign, the integrated, whole-body workout that improves posture, balance, and gait. Whether you’re here looking for a new fitness regime or rehab after an injury, we’ll carefully monitor your progress during each of your sessions to find what approach works best for you.

By the end of your fourth session, you’ll know if Pilates is right for you and which of our programs best fits your immediate needs and long-term goals. You’ll also receive a report with your assessment results, which will include a posture analysis and your body composition breakdown (if appropriate, we encourage you to share your report with the other practitioners involved in your care). If you decide we’re a good fit, we’ll advise you on how best to continue with us. Personalized attention is the common thread running through all our programs. So, whether you move into a small group class or continue with our private, one-on-one sessions, you’ll find the same individual care and attention in whichever program you choose.


Your JumpStart™ Package includes:

  • A posture, function, pain, and body composition assessment
  • Three private Pilates sessions
  • One private CoreAlign session

Sign up today for only $239 (a savings of $101).

Click here for details on our Jumpstart Program:

 Register or for more information: 604.943.8823 or [email protected]

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