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Pilates: A well-balanced workout for a well-balanced life.
With its emphasis on mindful, positive movement, Pilates makes for a uniquely powerful foundational fitness regime for anyone looking to complement an already active lifestyle. Pilates is not a replacement for your sport of choice or the other physical activities you enjoy but more of an enhancement to your already active lifestyle.

Pilates can play a crucial role in your fitness routine, and anyone from the professional athlete to the casual exerciser can benefit from regular practice. Not merely physical but also mental, Pilates reinforces the mind/body connection through positive, deliberate movement with an emphasis on body awareness. Pilates’ physical benefits include an increase in strength, mobility, flexibility, pain reduction, and injury prevention; mental benefits include an increase in confidence, mood improvement, and stress reduction.

As you get older, having a solid fitness foundation becomes increasingly vital if you’re to thoroughly enjoy not only an active life but also life in general. Pilates encourages you to go all out, making it easier for you to embrace your passions, whatever they may be, and for however long they make you happy.

CHOOSE YOUR PATH – Give the Gift of Health and Fitness. Gift Certificates available.

New or returning to exercise; Weekend Warriors. Start here.
• 4 one on one Pilates sessions
• Posture & Functional Assessment
ONLY $239 (save $101)

Injuries, deconditioned, pain, anxiety, depression. Start here.
• 5 one on one sessions
• Hands on techniques for lymphatic, blood flow, trigger point body work, fascial therapy
• Breathwork, Vagus Nerve resets
• Movement

ONLY $475
Questions? Book a complimentary Consultation.
L39ave $101)
604.943.8823 or
email [email protected]

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#120—5133 Springs Blvd, Tsawwassen Springs Community

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