TWC Pilates | April 2021

Male or female, young or old, fitness newbie or elite athlete, anyone and everyone can benefit from the positive, controlled movement of Pilates. Exercise doesn’t have to be hard, painful, and something you dread; Pilates shows you that exercise can be challenging, fun, and something you anticipate and enjoy. A mind-body workout that pushes you to focus on your breathing and body and how they move and work together, Pilates reinforces the bond between your mind and muscles, not only improving your overall fitness and health but your mental well-being as well.

A workout that strengthens your core and builds and lengthens your muscles, Pilates is a foundational fitness regime that will help you build strength yet keep you limber. You’ll feel stronger, walk taller, move easier, rest better, hurt less, and have more energy. Our highly trained team of instructors are passionate about what they do and committed to giving clients of all levels a whole-body workout that not only gets them through the day but also gets them through their lives. Our fitness studio is both beautiful and functional, and our specialized, state-of-the-art equipment is easy to use and enjoyable. Who knew movement could feel so good?


  • 4 one on one Pilates sessions
  • Posture and Movement Assessment
  • Body Composition Assessment

ONLY $239 (save $101)

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Register or for more information: 604.943.8823 or [email protected]

#120—5133 Springs Blvd, Tsawwassen Springs Community

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