To keep golfers and non-golfers equally happy you need to think twice as hard

Some of our development team are avid golfers. Some are not. So when we were designing our new golf resort community we were able to create ‘the best of both worlds.’

The golfers saw immediately that placing the course on the outside of the community would improve the golf experience immensely. We like to see fairways and greens and tees—not houses, they said.

Like links of old, they wanted to set out from the clubhouse into an environment that was pure golf: just the rough, sand traps, water hazards, trees and views. With no homes behind most of the greens, the golf course would always be the star.

Some of the team don’t play golf at all. For them, living at the centre of the golf course immediately increased the feeling of real community.

Instead of a string of beautiful homes that felt very separate, Tsawwassen Springs would encourage the natural spark of neighbourliness that some resorts never find. At Tsawwassen Springs, there are proper streets, paths and trails leading to proper amenities, all within walking distance—a whole new kind of community is what we call it. Because that’s what it is.

Now, let’s be upfront about this—quite frankly, the land around Tsawwassen could have been designed by the gods of golf. Green fields, deceptive dips, water at every turn and sand in large quantity—in short, great raw materials.

Enter Ted Locke, renowned Vancouver course designer. He has redrawn the old 18 holes to accommodate new homes at the centre. The result is a comprehensive reworking of the landscape, including the transplantation of trees and the creation of a watercourse habitat for herons and other wildlife.

The outcome promises to be a challenging golf experience with stunning views north to the mountains and south to the bluffs. Never forgetting that Tsawwassen Springs has kept the course public for the benefit of everyone in the Lower Mainland. So the golfers were more than happy.

On the other hand, homeowners were always at the centre of the team’s thinking, even when the golfers thought they were top dogs. Thanks to the foresight of our architect Wayne Fougere, the clubhouse has become a much greater focus for the community simply—because it’s not all golf. In fact, it’s a great deal more than golf. There’s a spa, fitness studio, restaurant, bar, neighbourhood shop and café—even an outdoor ice rink and tennis court.

For the 490 homeowners who will eventually call Tsawwassen Springs home, the golf course will guarantee great views and a real sense of space. Even if they never sink a putt, they’ll enjoy knowing that they can drink a pint in the clubhouse pub, just steps from their own front door. All thanks to masterplanning that thinks twice as hard as usual.

What you’ll see if you look at our masterplan is a great community at the centre of a great golf course. As we planned it—the best of both worlds.

Come and see for yourself!

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