2019 Golf Goals

2019 is here, if one of your goals is to lower your handicap or simply improve to help your enjoyment of the great game of golf, here are some tips from your Head Professional at Tsawwassen Springs Danny Long:

#1)         Purchase a range pass and hit a bucket at least once a week.  Before the Spring arrives this will force you to focus on your ball striking in the confines of our covered and heated driving range.  Getting a head start on the Spring, without the distraction of worrying about the score you are shooting, this will allow you groove your swing and build your confidence.

#2)         Now that you have put some time in on the range by yourself, you will probably have identified some consistent patterns as to where you feel you need some help.  You may be struggling with contact either hitting it consistently heavy or thin, you may find you are struggling with specific clubs like your wedges, your driver, or your fairway woods off the mat, you may be getting frustrated with a fade that has turned into a slice.  Now that you have seen these patterns, I implore you to take advantage of the climate we live in and the Professional Team we have, whether it be January, February or March, visit the Academy page on our website or stop by the pro shop and set up an initial lesson with one of our PGA of Canada Professionals, I assure you this will shave strokes off.

#3)         Are your clubs right for you?  During your initial lesson, ask Andy, Matt or Danny if they can assess your set and provide any suggestions.  Too often amateurs results are being held back by using equipment that simply is not fit for their abilities and strength.  This does not mean we will ask you to purchase a full new set, we will simply suggest areas you will see immediate improvement with, maybe an extra wedge, ensuring all you flexes are correct and match, replacing an iron with a hybrid and so on.

#4)         Get fit!  A new year brings a time for resolutions, it is an undeniable fact that if you improve your strength, flexibility and overall heath, your results on the course will follow suit.

The team at Tsawwassen Springs looks forward to another great year of golf, and anything we can help with please pop in or send an email.

Here’s to lower scores!

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