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Fall is now here and for many a time of renewal.  This September and October is no different.  In many ways, more than ever before it is paramount to slow down, reset, refocus and recharge.  The pandemic is still here and will remain a constant indefinitely.  Time to get control and take the next 100 days to really do something for yourself and for your future.

At the beginning of the year what goals did you set?  Don’t beat yourself up if during the last 180 days you were ‘sidetracked.’ Who wasn’t!  Reflect back on the goals you consciously set.  Perhaps they are still your top priorities or perhaps you need to reset and refocus.

Yes, COIVD-19 has dramatically changed our business however, we challenge you to find the good and the opportunities.  Here are some thoughts to stimulate your thinking as you reset and refocus for the balance of 2020:

  • Set weekly goals
  • Work with a trainer
  • Reward yourself
  • Be accountable

Your safety is still our main priority.  We have teamed up with ZeroBlast to keep you safe and now it is your turn to stay healthy.
24/7 access and No lineups = No time but the present.

Call now to get started on a program that is right for you. We look forward to meeting you.

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