Coats for Kids 2014

We had an enormous turn out for donations this holiday season at Tsawwassen Springs.   Thank you to everyone who took the time out of their day to rummage through their house for items they were willing to part with, as well as those who went as far as to go shopping for new toys and clothes.  With a count of 505 items collected, we more than doubled the amount of donations we received last year!

We wanted to share with everyone the photos we took over the course of the last two weeks, including where the donations ended up, and how much everyone has contributed towards along with the rest of the Lower Mainland.    Thank you again for the many generous donations that were dropped off at the Golf Pro Shop, the Sales Center, and with the Builder.

An entire table of brand new children’s clothes. 

The teddy bear production line.

The toys this year were awesome.  We received over 100 of them.

And the donations just kept coming.

This was at 7 AM last Friday, the morning of our cut off donation time.  And we were still counting.

We had two vehicles stuffed to the brim. 
 Fully loaded.

The Coats for Kids crates that we added to at the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau. 

Bikes are a super rare gift for the Christmas Bureau to receive.  This year, they got sponsors – and a whole lot of children are getting a brand new bike this holiday season.

They call this the Toy Room, where items are sorted and families get to bring their children in to shop for an age appropriate gift.

The children are also guaranteed one new book with each toy they pick up. 




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