Construction Update

Phase 3 Condo – 5011 Springs Boulevard

This past month, we had a record breaking concrete pour at the Phase 3 condo – 1400 cubic meters of concrete in just 5 hours. The day involved 140 trucks and 38 crew members, with a new truck arriving on site every two minutes. With great dedication, this team completed the first pour for the raft slab, which is the flooring of the underground parkade.   Please see below for photos taken that day.

trucksAn assembly line of concrete trucks.

2016 5 7 (30)-2

2016 5 7 (1)We had four pumps stationed at the condo, with two trucks delegated per pump feeding concrete into the pumps.

rebarAn image of our rebar – the reinforcement for our concrete.

craneThis red end acts as a weight at the neck of the crane, which allows the operator to guide, lift, and transport rebar.


Concrete pours are completed in sections. The wooden frame as seem around the rebar here indicates the section of the pour that the team is focusing on.

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