Construction Update

Phase 4 Houses

Our first move in’s for the Phase 4 Houses are beginning this month! The houses closest to Springs Boulevard are currently undergoing city inspections, with landscaping complete and final clean ups in progress. As we move south in the direction of the golf course, we have houses with exterior painting & drywall installations happening, and walls are currently being erected for golf course fronting lots. Please see below for progress photos.

July 2 Drywall installation happening behind the fireplace.July 3 Backframing in progress.July1Excavation is occurring for the mailbox kiosk being built in Phase 4.July4

July5Kitchen cabinets have arrived for this home – lined up and ready for install. July6
Protection has been laid down for the carpet on these stairs.July7The view of an upper floor, protection will go down here as well.July8The view from the front door of one of our houses.July9Landscaping complete at this first phase 4 home!

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