Construction Update | Clubhouse

Framing is taking on excellent shape at the Clubhouse.  We are now working on the rooftop trusses – easily the biggest and the most complicated process in constructing this building.  Take a look below at the intricate work happening on our roof.


A close up of the west end of the Clubhouse, where the Fitness Center and the Pilates Studio are located.


Here, we are standing in the Physio Center before the partitions have been put in.


A taste of the view to come while looking north of the golf course from within the building.


Three trusses stand ready to be picked up by the crane and lifted to the roof.


Many of the interior walls are sheeted and securely nailed to provide shear walls that prevent the building from swaying sideways.


Our crane in action, ready to lift an interior wall into place on a beautiful, sunny afternoon.

After the trusses are completed, we will sheet the roof and apply shingles.  The work on the shingles will begin within the month of November.


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