DES Stealth Mode Lithium Storage Battery System

Tsawwassen Springs Golf course becomes the first golf course in North America to convert its entire electric fleet of utility vehicles and mowers to the DES Stealth Mode Lithium Storage Battery System

June 15, 2016

Dynamic Energy Solutions  Ltd. (DES) of Vancouver, BC is pleased to announce that Tsawwassen Springs Golf Course, a leader in environmental and noise reducing technologies has converted its entire electric fleet of utility vehicles and mowers over to the DES Stealth ModeTM lithium storage battery system.

The DES Stealth ModeTM lithium storage battery system provided to Tsawwassen Springs Golf course located in Tsawwassen, BC powers their Toro MDE utility vehicles, their Smithco Bunker Rakes, and their Jacobsen Eclipse 322 mowers.  The move to electric technology, in addition to environmental reasons was the result of the golf course being located in close proximity to a townhome and condominium complex, which requires that all greens maintenance activities have as low a noise signature as possible.

But as Tsawwassen Springs Golf Resort Superintendent Gord Olson explains going electric wasn’t enough to meet his needs.  “Brand new lead acid batteries can cut 18 greens but within a year that declines to 16 greens.  As a result we need to replace these batteries annually making lead acid expensive and wasteful.  Lithium is plug and play.  It doesn’t require the maintenance that lead acid batteries do.  At this time we are unable to power our fairway and rough mowers with lithium.  But we are looking forward to the day when we can have all of our equipment running on lithium.”

Olson expects to see a long-term cost advantage with the conversion of his electric fleet to lithium.  For example, the annual cost of replacing eight 6 volt lead acid batteries plus the weekly labour cost of servicing them totals approximately $8600 per utility vehicle over five years. The DES Stealth ModeTM lithium storage system costs significantly less than that and it comes with a five year warranty.  “The lead acid batteries with servicing were only lasting a year and the lithium battery is capable of up to 3000 charges (approximately 8 years) if charged and properly maintained. “ said Olson.

Olson’s preference for converting his electric fleet over from lead acid to lithium was based on lithium’s superiority when it comes to capability, maintenance, longevity, noise, and the obvious and important environmental advantages.

Dynamic Energy Solutions  CEO, George Roddan praised Olson and Tsawwassen Springs Golf Resort for being trailblazers when it comes to new technology and innovation.  “In addition to the long-term cost advantages over the next 5 to 8 years, they will also receive the benefit of a charging efficiency that is about 20 percent higher than lead acid charging that will result in less electricity usage.  Another benefit is the lower rolling resistance of each machine due to lithium batteries being lighter than lead acid batteries.  This can reduce electrical energy consumed by the battery on the same mission by as much as 30 percent.”

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