Poppy Fund

Join us at Tsawwassen Springs and come out and play a round of golf to support a wonderful cause. For every green fee we receive on Friday, November 10th & Saturday, November 11th we will contribute $10.00 towards the Poppy Fund.

 Your poppy donations at work:

For years, you’ve generously donated and proudly wore your poppies to show you remember. Did you ever wonder where the money goes? Although the annual poppy campaign only lasts for a couple of weeks each fall, poppy funds are hard at work all year long.

Here are a few examples of your poppy donations at work:

  • Assisting any person (and their dependents) who is serving (or who has honourably served) in the Canadian Forces and are in need of assistance.
  • Legion Veterans Transition Program (at UBC): a relief & recovery program for trauma-related stress from military service.
  • Housing for homeless veterans, such as Cockrell House in Victoria
  • Disaster relief when declared by governments.
  • George Derby Veterans Home
  • Community medical equipment and research
  • Meals-on-wheels

We look forward to seeing you on the course!


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