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Studies have shown that physical activity has beneficial effects on several physiological systems associated with COVID-19 and can also benefit immune health, metabolic health, and mental health. Evidence over the past year has found associations between physical inactivity and other lifestyle factors and odds of severe COVID-19.

Specifically, there’s a link between physical activity and COVID-19 outcomes. Early in the pandemic, researchers in the U.K. found unhealthy lifestyles, including physical inactivity, elevated the risk of COVID-19 hospitalization. Another study at the Henry Ford Health System found that odds of hospitalization from COVID-19 were over three times higher among people with the lowest compared to the highest peak exercise capacity.

Tsawwassen Springs Fitness is committed to your safety and we are here for you.  We take pride in our facility and have gone the extra mile to ensure your safety.  With plexiglass barriers, hourly cleaning, state of the art disinfectants and following COVID protocol we are confident you will feel comfortable with us.
We encourage you to come and visit us.  Please call us at 604-948-1101 or check us out at tsawwassenspringsfitness.ca

We look forward to meeting you.

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