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TWC Pilates at Tsawwassen Springs Clubhouse 

Serving South Delta since 2001. 

Feel the power of positive movement. 

At TWC Pilates, we’re passionate about helping you live your life to its fullest. We want nothing more than to see you happy, healthy, pain-free, and with a full range of movement, and we’ll do everything we can to get you there. Whether you come to us with a new injury or a chronic condition, we’ll make it our mission to educate, train, and empower you to get your active lifestyle back. 

Our expert instructors are certified and trained in post-injury rehabilitation. With years of experience, we rehabilitate individuals with injuries and chronic conditions through positive and deliberate movement. From joint replacements to chronic back pain, we’ve seen it all and are here to help you; if necessary, we are also available to coordinate with your doctor or physical therapist to ensure a safe and positive experience.  

We’re here to fill the gap between physiotherapy and regular fitness with compassion and expertise and can accommodate you if you’re post-operative, deconditioned, or having other health issues. Pilates’ unique method and specialized equipment ensure a positive movement experience and a safe, gentle path to rehabilitation, noticeably improving your strength, mobility, and confidence in the process.  



New or returning to exercise; Weekend Warriors. Start here. 

  • 4 one on one Pilates sessions 
  • Posture & Functional Assessment 

ONLY $239 (save $101) 


Injuries, deconditioned, pain, anxiety, depression. Start here. 

  • 5 one on one sessions 
  • Hands on techniques for lymphatic, blood flow, trigger point body work, fascial therapy  
  • Breathwork, Vagus Nerve resets 
  • Movement
    ONLY $475  

Questions? Book a complimentary consultation. 

604.943.8823 or email [email protected]  

Click here for details on our Jumpstart Program: 

 #120—5133 Springs Blvd, Tsawwassen Springs Community 

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