TWC Pilates | October 2022 Update


Introduction to Pilates, Rehabilitation, Hip Workshops and Balance Workshops

3 Ways to begin your amazing journey of feeling, moving and looking your best.

  1. Introduction to Pilates Group Class

You are currently active, move well and have no limiting injuries.
4 weekly classes, with only 5 clients in your class.  Classes run monthly.  $159

Next set begins:

  1. Tuesday October 4th – 8:30 am
  2. Wednesday October 5th – 3pm
  3. Monday October 17th– 7pm


  1. JumpStart Program

You have injuries, specific goals or are not currently active.
4 one-on-one sessions designed to address your injuries, goals or concerns while introducing you to Pilates.  Start anytime and schedule your sessions based on your availability.  $259

 Details and Registration :


  1. Balance Gym – Tuesdays Starts October 4th, 2 – 3 pm

  1. Hip Pain or just Tight Hips? – Friday October 23, 4 – 6:30 pm

Experience effective and simple ways to open and release holding patterns in your hips.

2.5 hour workshop of experiential movement focusing on how the hips influence movement, posture, ease and general body awareness.
Some lying down on the floor and kneeling will be required.  Not advisable for anyone with a problem kneeling and/or transitioning to the floor.

Questions? Book a complimentary consultation.

Call : 604.943.8823 or email [email protected]

#120—5133 Springs Blvd, Tsawwassen Springs Community

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