Winter Golf Update

We are asked the question all the time, how come we tee off hole #11 in the winter.  The answer is simple, 5 of the holes featured on our front 10 find themselves located very near to the bluff, meaning it takes the sun a long time to reach some areas on those holes, and in some winter months not at all.  This means on a frosty morning we would have to wait much longer to begin play if we started on #1, so we have decided to start daily of #11 November through to the end of February.  Instead of having to react daily as to which side of the course we will send our grounds crew to prep the course for the day depending on the weather, we are able get the course prepped and begin play as soon as mother nature allows by teeing off the back side, allowing the front to thaw.

Winter rates remain through to the end of February with the same booking policies still in place.

We hope you continue to enjoy the course in these winter months!

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