5 tips to an effective Practice Session

5 tips to an effective Practice Session
By Chris Hood
CPGA Executive Professional
GM & Director of Golf at Tsawwassen Springs Golf

1. Warm up properly
Sometimes contrary to popular belief, golf is a sport. You need to warm up. Even a few basic arm rotations, and toes touches are a good start. Be sure to get your body moving a little bit. Once you do start to hit balls, start with some shorter irons and then work into the longer clubs.

2. Targets
Always use a target for your practice session. You need to be aiming at a target, whether it is a target green on the range, or a pole in the distance, always aim at a target.

3. Change clubs
I recommend you do not hit more than 3 balls with each club. Change clubs frequently, you do not get 10 chances on the course with the same club, so be sure to switch up clubs often.

4. Pre shot routine
Further to point #2 above, whether on the range or on the putting green use a pre-shot routine. Make it as close to playing on the course as possible.

5. Make it realistic
Wherever possible hit from different lies, side hill, uphill, downhill, from the rough, from a divot. These are all shots you will encounter on the course, so you need to practice and be ready for them when they do arise on the course.

In closing, I believe quality over quantity is best. You will be much further ahead if you come and hit 50 balls, and use your pre-shot routine, aim at a target, and change clubs frequently than if you just had to range and hit 100 drivers and head home.

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