Construction Update | Phase 3 Bare Land Strata

Interior and exterior painting is in progress on the golf course fronting Houses, with plumbing, electrical, tiling, fixtures and wood flooring installations happening as well.  Apart from these, we have exterior siding being installed, insulation going in, and driveways are being poured through the middle stretch of the Phase 3 Houses. For the last stretch of lots, windows have gone in with plumbing, electrical and Tyvek all in progress up to the last home.

The kitchen cabinets for an interior Birch Scheme have now been installed for this House in the first block of Phase 3 Houses.  Tiling for the backsplash is in progress.  Grouting will be following shortly.

We’ve begun receiving appliances!

Like our counter tops and finished floors, stair railings get covered for protection immediately after they are installed.

This media room has one more final coat of paint to go before the face plates for the electrical plugs get installed.

These interior doors for the bedrooms, storage rooms, laundry rooms etc. are spaced out while they cure to prevent the doors from sticking to one another.

The counter top for this Birch Scheme master ensuite vanity has been installed, along with sink fixtures.  The field tiles and accent tiles are almost complete around the shower.

Driveways have been poured along the first block of Houses.

The Houses across the street are getting their driveway space laid out in preparation for pouring as well.

A Walnut Scheme kitchen in progress with a supply of crown moulding laid out in the Great Room.

The interior of one of our Phase 3 Houses in the last stretch of lots, where plumbing and electrical work are both in progress.  A view of the front door from inside…

…and outside.

Looking southwards, exterior Tyvek installation is in progress for the middle to last stretch of Houses.

Looking northwards, you can catch a glimpse of the framing station in the distance.  As framing for the Phase 3 Houses is complete, it is now being used as the framing station for the Concession Stand and Commercial Building.

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