Sungod Physio TPI Tip of the Month – June

If you’re a right-handed golfer, do you ever notice right low back pain (left low back for left handed golfer) while playing golf? If so, you may be suffering from a swing fault called “reverse spine angle.” Reverse spine angle occurs when your upper body bends excessively backwards at the top of the back swing. This swing fault is shown to be the greatest contributor to low back pain. It puts unnecessary force on your spine and inhibits your abdominal musculature to protect your low back from the compressive loads of the swing.


Check out this link to some useful drills and consider adding these exercises to your routine to avoid reverse spine angle.

Exercise 1: Straight leg dead bug on wall


Lay on your back and press your hands into the wall. Brace your core and bring your legs to a 90 ° angle. Straighten one leg and move it up and down without affecting your lower back position and keeping the other leg at 90 °. Move your straight leg only as high and low as you can control it. Coordinate the breath and the movement: breath in as you lower down, breath out as you move the leg up.

Exercise 2: Pallof press


Maintain a lunge position with your knee just off the ground. Hold an elastic band in your hands that is attached on the side at chest height. Keep your core/abdomen braced and press your hands straight forward in line with your chest and hold for a few seconds count. Your body must not rotate as you resist the pull of the elastic. Engage shoulder blades down and back and keep hands/elbows low.

Unsure whether you suffer from “reverse spine angle?” Come visit one of our TPI certified physiotherapist for a golf medical assessment. contact us inside the clubhouse at SUNGOD SPORTS + ORTHOPAEDIC PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINICS.

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