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In our Pilates for Golf program we are not “changing your swing”, but instead improving the way your body moves during the swing to maximize your power and control of the ball.

We work with groups of 5 for 4 sessions. First class is an assessment using the TPI Fitness Assessment protocols. Then we customize the subsequent sessions with some home practice to work specifically on helping your body move so you can hit the ball longer, further and straighter.Do you get stiff and sore during or after a game? This program will help relieve that as well.

Private groups available or book one on one with our Jumpstart Program.
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3 Ways to begin your amazing journey of feeling, moving and looking your best.

  1. Introduction to Pilates Group Class

You are currently active, move well and have no limiting injuries.
4 classes, with only 5 clients in your class, you will receive what feels like one on one instruction as you discover how Pilates can help you gain strength, mobility and flexibility.  Reduce aches and pains, move better, have more energy, look better, walk taller and project more confidence.  Classes run monthly.  $159

  1. JumpStart Program

You have injuries, specific goals or are not currently active.
4 one-on-one sessions designed to address your injuries, goals or concerns while introducing you to Pilates.  Start anytime and schedule your sessions based on your availability.  $259

  1. Rehabilitation and Movement Therapy

You have chronic pain, chronic inflammation, health concerns or are wanting to add movement to your physiotherapy/rehabilitation treatments.
5 one-on-one sessions for individuals who have limitations in movement due to injuries.  Lymphatic and hands-on therapy, breathwork, core stabilization. $475

Details and Registration :

Questions? Book a complimentary Consultation.

Call : 604.943.8823 or email [email protected]

#120—5133 Springs Blvd, Tsawwassen Springs Community

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