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We are proud to honour Gary as the member of the month for Tsawwassen Springs Fitness.  Gary has been a member for over a year now.  When he joined he was suffering from chronic pain in his joints.  He has overcome many physical challenges and is determined to stay fit and healthy.  His commitment to his health is evident in his desire to train sensibly and effectively.  We are proud of your achievements Gary.  Thank you for your loyalty!!


What motivates you? Life Challenges and just being able to do day to day activities without pain

Why did you join Tsawwassen Springs? The best fit for me.

What do you like most about the club? The ability to get the “job” done.  It is a one stop shop with exceptional equipment, great trainers and atmosphere.

For what in life do you feel most grateful? Everything is more than half full, not half empty

Thank you Gary for being an amazing member!!

Here at Tsawwassen Springs Fitness we are proud of our member’s accomplishments.

For the month of July we are offering 50% off enrolment and 50% of the first two months of dues.   Not sure about commitment – try us first.

Call us today for a free trial.  604 948-1101


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