Tsawwassen Springs Golf App

Do you enjoy playing golf at the Tsawwassen Springs Golf Course? The official Tsawwassen Springs Golf Course app, developed by AGN Sports in conjunction with GolfSwitch, gives you a free, easy to use, interactive combination of comprehensive course information, digital scorecard, and various other useful club-specific features.

– Easy to use scorecard for up to four players
– Add players manually or from your device’s address book
– Auto-populates par for each hole and allows you to simply add or subtract from par
– Track player side-bets using the Player Bets feature
– Email your full scorecard at the end of a round to yourself or to a friend to show off your skills

Specific App Features:
– Book tee times
– Access our Facebook page to check-in or drop a comment
– Real-time weather forecast
– Special offers
– Contact information
– In-app camera: capture those great moments on the course without having to switch apps

Download today and put the entire Tsawwassen Springs Golf Course in your pocket!

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