September 25, 2019

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Tsawwassen Springs Fitness

Tsawwassen Springs Fitness

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Fall is not the only time to turn back the clock.

Do you want to turn back time and feel younger for life?  Did you know that by performing a combination of cardio and strength exercises that you can actually reverse the aging process?

  • Are you getting the results you want in the gym?
  • Not sure how to use the weight machines?
  • Do you want to get rid of those aches and pains?
  • Do you need that motivation from staff and members with similar goals?

We have designed the Turn Back Time program which is perfect for you!!

For a limited time only we will be offering $100 off enrollment on a NO contract membership. When you sign up you automatically are enrolled in our turn back time program. This program will include a weight program with weekly updates for the first four weeks of your membership. We will also provide you with nutritional suggestions and a free full body scan.  This scan is a three-dimensional view of your body that provides our clients with measurements and body composition.

Don’t wait. Reverse your aging process now.  Call for a free consultation. 604-948-1101

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